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What to Expect

Getting Started

Ready to start your martial arts journey? The first step is to contact us to schedule a free trial class. Meet some of our instructors and students, get a taste of how we train and ask questions. Then you just pay your monthly training fee or take advantage of one of our special deals, and start training. There are no long-term contracts, no registration fees. Eventually, you will want to buy a training uniform (gi), but for your first week or two, sweatpants and a tee shirt will do.

A Typical Class

  • Meditation -- a few moments of stillness to clear the mind

  • Warm up -- a series of calisthenic exercises and stretches to prepare the body for training 

  • Movement drills -- footwork practice and kata to develop body control, balance and coordination

  • Ukemi -- practice in rolling and falling safely

  • Technique Instruction -- demonstrations and explanations of techniques and plenty of opportunities to practice them with a partner

  • Meditation -- time to reflect for a minute on what one has learned


Learning New Skills

Because we are a small dojo, new students get plenty of personal attention. There is no special beginner's class -- beginners usually work with senior students who have trained for years. This accelerates the learning process, as well as makes the training safer and more enjoyable. Each student progresses at their own pace in our supportive but challenging classes.

Testing New Skills

Periodically, students are tested  for promotions in rank. Because we are not a commercial dojo, there is no set time after which one is automatically promoted to a higher rank. Each promotion is earned through the student's own efforts, both in class and in solo practice, and therefore each promotion marks a true accomplishment.


Weekly Class Schedule

Join Us

Monday: 7pm - 9pm
Wednesday: 7pm - 9pm
Saturday: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Sunday: 3pm - 5pm

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