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Frequently Asked Questions

Responses to Common Questions

Is Eizan Ryu Jujitsu the best martial art?

Many of us who train in Eizan Ryu find that to be the case, but what that means is that this style has a great balance of the qualities we are looking for in a martial art. In truth, that is what matters. There is no “best martial art” – there are just various martial arts that offer different things.

How is Eizan Ryu Jujitsu different from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)?

BJJ is a martial art that is taught with a strong sport emphasis, and it involves mostly ground fighting and grappling. Eizan Ryu Jujitsu emphasizes both self defense and self development, and uses a wide variety of techniques to defend against strikes, grabs and weapons attacks. While the aim is to put the attacker on the ground, we do not encourage the practitioner to go to the ground themselves.

Is Eizan Ryu a traditional Japanese style?

Eizan Ryu Jujitsu was founded in New York City in the 1960s. While we maintain many of the traditions of the Japanese martial arts, and while some of our techniques are based on classical jujitsu movements, we are a modern urban martial art.

Will Eizan Ryu Jujitsu teach me how to defend myself in the street?

Hopefully, it will never be an issue, but dedicated practice of Eizan Ryu Jujitsu can give you the tools, confidence, and awareness to defend yourself should the need arise.

I am not very athletic or coordinated. Will I be able to learn this stuff?

Everyone starts with different abilities, and everyone progresses at their own pace. We are a small dojo, so beginners get lots of personal attention and support, and if you combine that with regular attendance and a sincere effort to learn on your part, you can, indeed, learn this stuff.

All that falling on the floor in your videos looks dangerous! Won’t I get injured doing that?

Ukemi – the art of falling safely – is a vital part of Eizan Ryu Jujitsu training. Students need to be able to practice various throws and takedowns with each other, so everyone has to learn to fall properly. We teach these skills, step by step, in every class, and we make sure that you stay safe as you learn. And knowing how to fall comes in handy in everyday life also!

How long will it take me to get a black belt?

There is no way to predict. In Eizan Ryu, students are tested for promotion when they meet certain benchmarks, not just after a set amount of time. Each person’s training is different, and each person progresses at their own pace. When you are promoted to a new rank, it is a recognition that you have reached a particular level of skill, not just an acknowledgment that you have come to a certain number of classes.

I have a green belt in another martial art. Will I have to start at white belt in Eizan Ryu?

Yes you will. Each martial art is different, and while we respect the hard work you have done in your previous training, we want to make sure that you have a firm grounding in our basics.

Can my child attend your classes?

We do not teach children, but anyone fourteen years of age or older can train with us.

Am I too old to start?

As long as you do not have any health conditions which preclude vigorous exercise, no you are not.

How do I know if this style is for me?

First, take a look at the information on our website. Then check us out on Instagram and on Facebook. And then, take the most important step – register for a free trial class, so you can come to get a taste of what our training is like.

It looks really interesting. How do I join?

Register for an account on our website, and then navigate to the “Plans and Pricing” page and choose your payment plan. You can start training right away – no registration fee, no restrictions on which classes you can attend. All you need to do is go to the “Book Online” page and register for each class you plan to attend at least two hours before the class is scheduled to start. We encourage you to train as frequently as you can, especially at first, so you can start progressing toward your goals.

Do I need to buy a training uniform?

You do not need one to start, or for your first few classes, but you will need to buy a plain white gi (training uniform), either karate style or judo style, eventually. We recommend New Hope Martial Arts Supply, at 823 Sixth Avenue. If you mention Eizan Ryu, they will give you a 10% discount.

What if I find that your dojo is not a good fit for me?

We suggest you give yourself a few months to get used to the training and get a sense of what we are about. Sometimes a new activity can feel really difficult or overwhelming, but once you get into the habit of training and start learning new skills, you realize it is well worth the effort. However, there are no long term contracts, so if you decide that you want to discontinue training at any time, you can just let us know, and then cancel your membership.

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