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Our Approach

We are a not-for-profit martial arts organization, offering classes in a beautiful dojo conveniently located in upper Manhattan. Our instructors are not paid, teaching out of a love of the art.

In Eizan Ryu Jujitsu students learn to use an attacker's strength and momentum against him; this enables one to successfully defend against the attack of a larger, stronger person.  A wide variety of techniques are used: strikes, throws, joint locks, foot sweeps, pins, chokes, projections, pressure points - with the object being to control the attacker and put him on the ground. Ukemi, the ability to fall safely, is taught and is strongly emphasized.

If you are considering training with us, we encourage you to observe a class or two. Contact us to watch an entire class from beginning to end, if at all possible, so that you have a good idea of what to expect. Then register for a free trial class. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet the instructors, check out our facilities, and learn some of our techniques, and see if our dojo is right for you. There's absolutely no obligation.

Our History

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